Is the sharing economy a new wave or we are just getting poorer?

Is the sharing economy a new wave or is a consequence of getting poorer?

For sure you have already heard about a collaborative economy or sharing economy. During the last few years, a bunch of companies has appeared around this new concept of access over ownership.

People can offer their stuff (cars, houses, tools, used clothes) to other users, so the first ones can earn some money, and the second ones can use someone else’s properties for a particular period of time, without the financial, emotional or social burdens of ownership.

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Turn off your notifications. Now.

Social network apps on a mobile phone
Source: Pixabay

I will be brief. Do a favor yourself: «Turn off your mobile phone notifications. You will thank it later».

We all have smart phones, smartwatches and smart devices. And so we receive tons of external information. Phone calls, advertising signals, television and mobile phone notifications. And they are killing us. Ok. Maybe it’s not that serious, but I will tell you my experience turning off all my push notifications (including WhatsApp).

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